logo dr devineWith “pretty low expectations,” Dr. Devine signed up with Welcome Wagon. But, the results were “exactly the opposite” of his expectations. Not only does Welcome Wagon bring in more than half of Dr. Devine’s new patients each month, but also “they are very good patients and that, to me, means that it’s successful,” said Dr. Devine. “It’s just been a really good experience.” Dr. Devine describes Welcome Wagon patients as his “top 20% patients.”

“They come in on a regular basis for their care appointments, they listen to our recommendations and tend to be interested in taking care of their teeth. They don’t miss appointments, they pay on time or ahead of time and are just generally good patients.” In addition, they “refer more patients.” Dr. Devine made a point of the success of his “Free Teeth Whitening” offer in Welcome Wagon’s Gift Book. “It’s really worked out well for us. Those tend to be patients that are more interested in their mouth, the health of their mouth and becoming educated. It’s just been great.”

“Welcome Wagon brings in more than half of Dr. Devine’s new patients each month.” 

And, they are lifelong patients! “We try to make a lifelong relationship with the patient, so I think the value over a lifetime is quite a bit more than the initial numbers reflected in the computer.” In the past, Dr. Devine might have gotten 20-25 patients per month, but would “end up keeping 4 or 5 of them.” “Now,” according to Dr. Devine, “it’s just not an issue anymore. If they’re a new patient, they just stay with us.”

Dr. Devine has even shared his success with his colleagues. Just recently, a fellow dentist signed up with Welcome Wagon and was very pleased with the results after just two months. “We get what we need from Welcome Wagon.”

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