Welcome Wagon is an avid supporter of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Their goal of trying to instill consumer confidence and achieving a trustworthy marketplace for all is certainly a worthy cause. 

Over the last 3 years, Welcome Wagon has ONLY one unresolved complaint while serving over 10,000 business clients.

Unfortunately, some of the algorithm’s that the BBB uses to rate various businesses are flawed.  They do not take into account the number of complaints as a percentage of the number of customers nor do they look at the number of unresolved complaints as a percentage of the number of customers.   In addition, the BBB does not distinguish between companies that sell to consumers vs. those that sell to other businesses.  Also, the BBB does not differentiate between a company that sells nationally (with thousands of customers) vs. a local small retailer.

Welcome Wagon has been doing business since 1928 and prides itself on introducing new homeowners to the business community.  If an issue does arise, Welcome Wagon’s customer service department will do whatever is necessary to satisfy the customer which is clearly evident by having only one unresolved complaint in three years.

Please contact the Welcome Wagon Customer Service department at 800-779-3526 to answer any question that you may have.