New Mover Marketing Solutions for Childcare Businesses

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Welcome Wagon New Mover Marketing - Childcare Business

Given that 43% of households with two adults have children, marketing for your childcare business is key and essential for targeting a valuable audience. Grow your childcare business with New Mover Marketing. It is important to reach new movers first to build a strong and long-lasting relationships with potential customers.  


According to recent studies more than 60% of parents are employed full time. This means when parents move into a new community, looking for a childcare facility is a top priority. Welcome Wagon’s New Mover Marketing program – direct and digital marketing solutions – allows childcare businesses to introduce themselves to new movers to grow enrollment.

Why Advertise with Welcome Wagon?

Welcome Wagon has been welcoming new movers into their homes since 1928. Over the time Welcome Wagon has built trust within communities allowing businesses to flourish with the help of their advertising. Welcome Wagon offers childcare businesses unique digital and print marketing solutions, targeting new homeowners and movers within the local community.

Dynamic Print Solutions

Welcome Wagon’s Dynamic Print solutions follows a direct 1-2-3 approach which allows for a clear path of follow-ups for maximum effectiveness. The Welcome Wagon Gift Book creates a community feel and includes a custom, full page ad with a compelling invitation to visit or call your business. Welcome Wagon provides complete category exclusivity, which means no competition from other local businesses in the childcare category. 


Postcards are followed up next after the Gift Book. Postcards allow for a concise message to new movers, creating demand for your product or service. New movers will receive this postcard 30 days after move in. The Follow-up Book is sent out 90 days after move-in. The Follow-up Book reinforces your businesses message and increases chances of success. The 1-2-3 method gives repeat exposure for your business and it has a proven record of bringing in new customers for businesses.

Digital and Social Media Solutions

Marketing is turning digital everywhere you look. Most companies can’t build trust with consumers if they don’t have a digital presence, that’s where Welcome Wagon comes in. Welcome Wagon’s Digital and Social Media solutions takes the stress out of digital marketing. Welcome Wagon offers three types of digital solutions, Social Media, New Mover Email and Directory Inclusion. Welcome Wagon’s Social Media marketing can help your business generate revenue by crafting the perfect campaign to hit your target market. According to recent studies 75% of parents are on social media, so why not target those parents and expand your childcare business by using Welcome Wagon’s social media marketing?


New Mover Email delivers your business offers right into the new mover’s inbox. When a new mover clicks your listing, they will be directed to a landing page that is designed just for your business, where they can learn more about offers and learn more about your business. Lastly, there is the Welcome Wagon Directory. This will increase your discover ability and strengthen your online reputation. The directory is customized according to location, so new movers can find the business they need with just a touch of their fingertip. Welcome Wagon offers a one-touch call feature to reach out to the business they choose. Welcome Wagon is a trusted source across all communities and being included in our directory will increase your brand’s name. This is very important with the childcare industry because parents go through an extensive search to find a company they can trust.

Advertise with Welcome Wagon!

Welcome Wagon’s mission is to welcome families to their new homes by providing them with the information of the many local businesses and services that will benefit them as they settle into their new homes and communities. Childcare is important to many families and parents that move into new communities are going to be on the lookout for childcare services near them. Welcome Wagon wants to help you build your business. Market your childcare business with the help of Welcome Wagon today!