New Mover Marketing for Gyms to Gain Loyal Customers

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Welcome Wagon New Mover Marketing - Gym

What is one thing you look for when you first enter a new neighborhood? Restaurants? Animal Clinics? Many new movers are searching for a new gym! Moving is hard enough, but leaving a gym is even harder. People need to find a gym that fits their specific needs, is perfect for them, and most importantly is in close to their new home. This is where Welcome Wagon comes in. Did you know that new movers are 5 times more likely to become a loyal customer if you reach them first? That is why it is essential to incorporate new mover marketing into your marketing strategy.


50% of consumers choose their gym based on the convenience of its location. Reach out to new movers in your area with the help of Welcome Wagon! With Welcome Wagon’s marketing strategy, we can help your local gyms, yoga studios, and other health and fitness clubs greet impressionable new movers with compelling offers to build and gain loyal customers through multiple platforms.

Welcome Wagon’s Engaging Digital & Social Media Advertising

According to Statista there were over 4 billion active internet users in 2019. Why miss this huge audience by only doing print advertising? Welcome Wagon’s Digital Marketing Program allows you to reach new movers through multi-channel online advertising. We make it easy and affordable for you to increase brand engagement and win new customers! In this day and age having a digital presence is important, how are consumers going to find your business if you aren’t online? Especially in the health and fitness department, people are searching for gyms and ways to get fit all the time.


Social media is becoming a huge trend in marketing. According to Hootsuite over 3 billion people are now using social media. Welcome Wagon’s social media marketing will help you reach all the new movers in your area. We take the guesswork out of Social Media Marketing. Our digital experts craft the perfect campaign to reach your local market.


Need to get right into new mover’s email inbox? Try our new mover email marketing. Our New Mover Email program is the only turn-key solution that delivers your business to the new mover’s inbox. Let us bring your new customers straight to you! We will target all the new movers in your area and direct them to your gym, yoga studio or health club.


Be included in our directory! If people come to our website or mobile app they will also see your business! People come to Welcome Wagon to see what it in their area when they are new to a community so being included in our directory would only bring more business to you!

Welcome Wagon’s Dynamic Print

New homeowners and movers respond to direct mail 80x faster than established residents. Why not greet new movers with a gift book with your company on it? Get the new movers before they start searching for a gym in their area. Welcome Wagon follows a direct 1-2-3 approach utilizing a clear path of follow-ups for maximum effectiveness.


After receiving the gift book new movers will be greeted with a postcard 30 days after move in. The postcard will show off your health and fitness business along with a compelling offer. Then last but not least the follow-up book. New movers will receive the follow up book 90 days after move in. This allows for repeated exposure for your business.

Contact Us Today

Since 1928, Welcome Wagon has been dedicated to helping connect local businesses to new movers and creating lasting relationships. Their goal is to assist people in saving money, growing their business, and helping the local economy prosper.


Why wait? Grow you business with Welcome Wagon today. For more information on Welcome Wagon New Mover Marketing offerings tailored for growing your health and fitness, contact Welcome Wagon today!