New Mover Marketing for Dentists to Increase Patient Base

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Given the fact that 95 percent of Americans feel their oral health is an important part of their overall health, marketing is key for dentists who want to attract and serve their patients while earning a positive return on investment (ROI). As a dentist, cutting edge marketing is the goal as is providing care and value to those who trust you with their oral health. Let’s explore some strategies which can help you reach your target audience effectively.


Increase Your Dental Patient Base With Direct Mail Print and Digital Advertising

Welcome Wagon has been around for more than 90 years, successfully connecting local business with new residents to the community.  Utilizing Welcome Wagon’s new mover marketing print and digital ad strategies helps your dental practice gets connected with new movers before your competition.


With a focus on growing the local community, Welcome Wagon aims to create lasting relationships between new movers and local dental practices. Everyone needs a dentist but finding a dental practice isn’t usually new residents’ first priority. By greeting impressionable new movers, dental practices can spark brand awareness and arouse interest with compelling offers.


New movers are much more likely to appreciate and take advantage of offers from a business that took the time to welcome them to their community. This opens the door for dentists to establish a personal relationship with these new residents from the very beginning.


Welcome Wagon knows that 85 percent of adults plan to visit their dentist at least twice a year and over 40 percent of new movers also have dental insurance.


These statistics mean new members of your community are looking for a dentist they can trust nearby. Statistics also show that new movers spend more within six months of their move than average consumers spend in three years and often become loyal customers (aka patients) of those businesses who contact them first.


Contacting new movers before competitors is crucial to getting them to visit your dental practice and becoming your patients. With Welcome Wagon you can target new patients through Print, Digital Channels, and Social Media with one easy step.


So how does it work? Once a new homeowner moves in, Welcome Wagon delivers a gift book featuring offers, coupons, and discounts for local businesses in the community. Dentists can secure placement in the Welcome Wagon gift book, which includes a custom, full-page ad with their logo, information about their practice, and a compelling offer. Thirty days after move-in, residents will receive a high-quality postcard showcasing the dental practice, discount offered, and reminding them to book an appointment.


Social Media Marketing

Grow your online presence and increase brand awareness on the platforms where people are spending all their time – Social Media. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is extremely effective when done well. It requires creativity, daily unique posts, and interaction with your audience. If you have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you’ll need to commit to being active on all the platforms to stay competitive in the digital world.

Develop A Website That Works for You

Develop a site with great user experience (UX). A site with good UX will guide visitors on a user journey that is easy to navigate and funnels them into a conversion. Keep in mind that as important as “clicks” are in regard to your website, more important are conversions from those clicks! Your click to conversion rate goal should hover around three percent. While at first glance, three percent doesn’t seem like much, if you are getting 3,000 clicks per month and your conversion rate is three percent, that means 30 new patients a month — not a bad ROI.

Market Straight to Mover’s Inboxes with Email Marketing

Greet the new movers in your area with the Welcome Wagon New Mover Email so you can get your business in front of new movers immediately after move-in! Once users open your email they’ll receive a link straight to a page with info about your dental practice website. By clicking your listing, users are directed to a landing page created just for your business, allowing them to view your information and offer in more detail!

Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Effectively

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features serve three strategic levels – local, regular, and international. As a dentist, targeting members of your local community, your focus should be targeted on regular and local SEO so that you can rank higher in Google on both fronts. Local SEO is even more significant on mobile browsers where Google displays local results higher.

Consider Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) and Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Google Ads is the largest of the PPC platforms. Google Ads are those you often see displayed first in the search engine results pages (SERPs). When these Ads are clicked by potential patients, you pay a fee which varies based on your location and your competition. Your goal then with the right marketing is to have lower cost-per-clicks (CPCs) with higher conversions which in turn means enhanced ROI.


For more information on our New Mover Marketing offerings catered for growing your dental practice, contact us today!