Why Spas/Salons Use New Mover Marketing Programs to Gain Loyal Customers

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Spa Salon Marketing Solutions

Would it surprise you to know that nearly 65 percent of new movers plan to select a new stylist shortly after their arrival in a new community? It shouldn’t because it is true! And that fact makes marketing important for salons and spas. Getting the word out about your salon or spa can help you attract new clients as well as enhance your bottom line. Often those seeking services from a salon or spa, especially new movers, have to rely on the stylist’s marketing through pictures – hair, manicures, pedicures, facials, etc. – or customer reviews.


Reaching new movers to your community helps you get ahead of the competition and attract these new clients to your business. While your website plays an important role in your advertising, as does using Direct Mail and Social Media Marketing, each requires ongoing attention and costs you both time and money to be truly effective. And that’s why many salons and spas turn to new mover marketing programs to gain loyal, lifelong customers.  Let’s explore how you can use new mover marketing programs can help you reach new clients effectively.

Meet Welcome Wagon

Welcome Wagon, has been around for years, successfully helping local business connect effectively with new member of the community. New mover marketing programs by Welcome Wagon utilize print and digital advertising strategies to get your salon or spa communicating with potential new movers well ahead of the competition. In many cases, these new members of your community begin looking for a salon or spa to visit shortly after their arrival.  


Welcome Wagon offers a number of new mover strategies to help you get in contact with your communities newest residents and turn them into new, loyal clients for your salon or spa. With the help of Welcome Wagon’s proven effective marketing services, you can increase your customer base and enhance your ROI (return on investment) simply though targeting new homeowners in your community.


The truth is new movers are more likely to influenced by targeted advertising than residents who have lived in the community for a while. Statistics show new members of a community are also five times more likely to become your loyal customers if your spa or salon reaches out to them first! Welcome Wagon, helps local salons and spas do just that through social media programs, postcards, gift books, and more. By providing a wide range of marketing solutions, we help salon and spa owners make the first, memorable impression via multiple platforms.


Using Welcome Wagon’s digital marketing solutions, multi-channel online advertising highlights your salon and spa with new mover welcome emails, and social media posts, creating a digital media presence for your business at an affordable price, saving you time and money.  


In addition, Welcome Wagon utilizes effective print marketing to benefit your salon or spa. Even in today’s digital age, print advertising still reaches 48 percent of consumers, especially those 45 and older, a large part of the salon and spa market. Welcome Wagon’s gift book for new movers showcases your salon or spa with an exclusive full or partial page ad, meaning you will be the sole salon or spa featured in the gift book!


In addition to digital and print marketing solutions, you also have a Welcome Wagon experienced professional in your community to help you customize and plan your marketing services to help you be the first to communicate with new movers – well ahead of the competition. Welcome Wagon, which began in 1928, knows how to deliver the message of hospitality and welcome to new movers on behalf of your salon or spa, and help your business prosper in the local economy.


Plus, statistics show that new movers spend more money in six months of their move than current local consumers spend in three years, and they are most likely to become loyal clients of your salon or spa when you contact them first! That first positive contact is crucial to get them to visit your business and become regular clients. Don’t wait, make first contact today with Welcome Wagon and target your new clients though Print, Digital Channels, and Social Media with one easy step. Reach out today and let’s get started!