In a market dominated by Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, and other large conglomerates with an endless supply of money for advertising, small business owners are turning to social media to reach new customers, keep engagement, and add that very important element of a personal touch.

Statistics show that 88% of U.S companies are using social media for marketing and 90% of them say their efforts have increased exposure for their business. While simply creating a Facebook business page opens the doors to many advertising opportunities, it also leaves one with the daunting task of just figuring out where to begin, and how to effectively compete against these mega corporations.

If you have ever tried running a Facebook ad or boosting a post, you know how quickly Facebook can scoop up your money without seeing results. You may have even asked yourself, “Well, I have a lot of ‘likes’ on my Facebook page. Why am I not seeing any sales?”

Welcome Wagon (Yes! The company established in 1928 that used to go door to door with welcome baskets) has compiled a list of solutions, tips and tricks for small business owners who want to utilize social media effectively.

Don’t worry about how many ‘likes’ your page has!

Companies have spent thousands of dollars to increase the number of page ‘likes’ they have, but this is merely a vanity campaign, and proven not to be very effective. Paying for page ‘likes’ will not properly introduce a new customer to your company. You would have better luck getting ‘likes’ using hashtags in conjunction with a simple brand awareness post. Page ‘likes’ will grow over time as you create and post original content and interact with customers.

Facebook users respond to what they perceive they may be missing out on.

Presenting Facebook users with a way to save money, or any type of solution is a good way to get people clicking and interested in your ads. Creating an attention-getting headline is one of the most important elements to getting the clicks you want! Here is a great tool you can use to test your headline writing skills:

New Homeowners, New Homeowners and New Homeowners (Did we mention New Homeowners?)

This is where Welcome Wagon comes in strong! Reaching new homeowners is what this company has done best for decades. Over 40 million people move in the U.S. each year, spending over $9,500 on average for goods and services. In fact, new homeowners will spend up to 20 times more money in the first six months of their occupancy than existing homeowners spend in two years. Surveys say that 85% of movers will use the first vendor that contacts them and 93% say they would take advantage of an offer or invitation from a local business that took the time to welcome them.

What is special about Welcome Wagon’s social media platform and new mover email marketing is that it offers exclusive and hyper-targeted marketing for small businesses. Sponsored Welcome Wagon ads will be seen by thousands of local residents (new and established) who meet their proprietary demographic profile and who are deemed most likely to benefit from the services and products the small local businesses provide. Local families are ready and able to spend a significant amount of money in your community, so reaching this key audience will most certainly give you the one up over larger companies.

Check out to find out more of what they have to offer.

Authors: Gregory Yeager, Nurit Wachholder
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