10 Ways to Help Turn Your New Customers into Loyal Customers

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Treat Your Customers Right – Be Genuine

Show customers that you care and are thankful for their business.  Address them by name and do everything possible to make them feel welcomed and appreciated.

Keep Your Cool – Be Respectful

Word of mouth and comments about your business, both good and bad, are accelerated by social media.  Catering to your customers’ needs is of utmost importance. However, should an issue with a customer arise, be patient and work it out in a professional manner.

Be a Good Listener – Hear What They are Saying

Open a two-way dialogue with your customers.  Gather feedback and make changes to your organization (if necessary) to improve it.  Some methods to gather feedback include surveys, observation, point of sale info, social media, and email.

Be Consistent – Keep Them Happy

It goes without saying that a bad experience can change a customer’s perception of your business.  Provide excellent service on a consistent basis and be the place that customers are always happy to go to.

Communicate with Your Customers – Value Them

 Take your customer’s feedback seriously and act upon reasonable request.  Treat them like family and friends.

Build Trust – Alert Your Customers to Changes

We are all creatures of habit and your customers are no different.  If they are used to getting something, but suddenly and without warning are no longer able to, they will undoubtedly be upset.  It will take positive service experiences to make up for it, assuming they even give you the opportunity to do so.  Be honest and forthcoming with your customers about any changes. It’s all about respect and proper communication.

Be Transparent – Honesty is Key

Transparency is a critical factor in building trust, satisfaction, and love from your customers.  Transparency means you have nothing to hide, you have conversations with your customer and welcome their feedback.

Stay True to Your Word – Follow Up on Promises

 Manage the expectations of your customers to ensure realistic goals are set and can be met.  By remaining consistent in your messaging, your customers will learn what they can expect from your business.

Accept Responsibility – The Customer is Always Right

No matter the circumstance, the customer is always right.  This is a rule to guide your business through its growth, from customer service to user experience to product development.  Create a customer service policy to show your customers that they are valued and that having a positive experience with your business is a top priority.

Be Kind and Grateful – Always Say “Thank You”

Kindness and gratitude for a customer’s business is an undeniable way to further enchant them for the long term.  Send personal thank you notes and show your customers appreciation for patronage by rewarding them with gifts or discounts.  Go above & beyond and you’ll have loyal customers for life!