25 Hacks Every New Homeowner Should Try

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As you embark on your adventure as a new homeowner, you will soon come to realize that your work is never done. Just as soon as you touch up the paint, the garden needs weeding and the list goes on.  How nice would it be to have some tips to help you save energy, time and money while maintaining your home. Check out this guide filled with hacks to improve your home life in unexpected ways.

Apply cooking spray to your lawn mower

Now that you own a home with grass, you are daydreaming about the smell of fresh cut grass on a Sunday afternoon.  But overtime, maintaining the grass can become quite a chore if your lawn mower is not working efficiently.  One solution is to coat the blade and the undercarriage with some good old Pam.  By doing this, you will reduce the amount of grass clippings that stick while also keeping the blade from rusting.  


Take a break from painting

Before you begin painting, glue a magnet to the paintbrush.  When you take a break, place the paintbrush to the inside edge of the paint can. Any paint will drip into the can and not on the floor.

Have a musty closet?

Put chalk inside some cheesecloth and hang it in your closet.  It will help absorb any stinky odor and dampness.


Use Drano to remove stains from concrete.

Pour any drain cleaner over the stain, wait a few minutes, then wash it off.


Use a lazy susan

It is easy for things to become cluttered in the fridge.  This will  help keep things from getting lost in the back of your fridge.


Use a paint roller and extension handle to clean ceiling fans  

Secure a dryer sheet with rubber bands around a clean paint roller. Attach the extension handle and swipe the roller across the top of the fan blades.


Use a straw when pouring liquids

Place a straw across the top of the opening when you are pouring any liquids from a large container. Any drips will run down the straw and stay off the container.


Get rid of scuff marks

With a dry tennis ball, rub over any scuff marks and watch them disappear.


Use clear nail polish to fill a hole in your window

Discovered a tiny hole in your glass window? This can be easily repaired with  clear nail polish. Apply a coat and wait for it dry. Repeat until until the layers of clear nail polish are flush with the glass surface.


Toss in a dry towel with wet clothes

Your clothes will dry faster and you will  save money on your electric bill.


Use pine cones in your garden

This will help keep dogs and other critters away from your veggie and flower garden.  


Thaw out meat quickly and safely

Heat water in a pan until it reaches 140* and turn off the burner.  In a ziploc bag, place your meat in the water.  Chicken will take about 10 minutes and other cuts will take around 12 minutes to thaw.  


Use a wine rack as a towel holder

Looking for an easy and decorative way to display your towels? Mount a metal wine rack on the wall of the bathroom. This provides easy access for your guests and you’ll always know when it’s time to wash.


Add framed mirrors to your closet doors

Add some depth and sophistication to any closet by adding a framed mirror on the closet door. Just paint your long frames the same color as your doors, center and hang.  


Use caulk to keep rugs from slipping  

Caulk isn’t just for filling in holes.  Turn your area rugs over and evenly space out thin lines of caulk.  This will create an anti-slip backing.


Waste less water

Any water you use to boil pasta, eggs,  veggies etc, is filled with nutrients that can be used for your plants.  Just be sure to let the water cool before using it.


Move your refridgerator forward

Believe it or not, moving your fridge forward an inch or two will save you up to   40% on your electric bill each month.


Use vinegar to clean your carpet

Vinegar really is useful for so many household tasks.  Put some in a spray bottle and use it any time you have a stain on your carpet. Let it sit on the stain for a few minutes and then blot out the stain.


Use painter’s tape when caulking

Trying to perfectly apply caulk can seem like an impossible task but it is super easy if you use painter’s tape. First clean the area and let it dry.  Next apply a good painter’s tape above and below the area you plan on applying caulk to.  Once finished, be sure to peel off the tape while the caulk is still wet.


Instead of dryer sheets..use aluminum foil  

Not only is it more environmentally friendly, it is a great money saver. One foil ball will last you about six months and it will also cut down the amount of static in the dryer.


Use ammonia to clean the oven

When the oven is cold, place half a cup of ammonia into it and leave it in there overnight. When you go to clean the oven in the morning, there will be no smells or stains inside.


Do away with coffee stains

Coffee spilled on your shirt or tablecloth? Use baking soda to rub coffee stains out.


Get rid of squeaky floors

Sprinkle some talcum powder into floor joints with a paint brush and those unwanted squeaking noises should be gone.


Get rid of nail polish stains

Nail polish remover that is clear and also acetone/fragrance free will remove nail polish from your carpets.  Just gently blot the carpet and watch it disappear.  As with any cleaning product, always test a hidden portion of your carpet before proceeding.


Easily clean your microwave

Fill a bowl with water and heat it in the microwave for a few minutes. The steam it produces will loosen any stuck on food for easy cleaning.