Marketing Solutions for Restaurants to Reach New Residents and Gain Loyal Customers

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New Mover Marketing Local Restaurants

New movers are always looking for new restaurants, shopping centers, and other facilities in their new community. That’s why targeting new movers for restaurant owners is essential. Whether you manage a chain restaurant or a family-owned restaurant, there’s nothing better than greeting and establishing a personal relationship with new movers.


In a recent millennial mover survey, about 85% of respondents said they would take advantage of a special offer from a local business if they took the time to welcome them upon move-in. With Welcome Wagon’s New Mover Marketing program – direct and digital marketing solutions – allow restaurants to introduce themselves to new movers who are often eager to explore and enjoy the local eateries in their new community.


Welcoming new movers brings forth many benefits such as building long-lasting relationships and brand awareness. A Gift Book with special offers or a welcoming email shows that the restaurant is willing to reach out to those who may not be familiar with the area.


With 64% of new movers dining out 1-4 times per week, new movers are looking for a spot that they can come back to or even recommend to their family and friends. Once a new mover craves your menu items, they’ll also consider other ways to get your delicious food – delivery, Uber Eats, Postmates, and other services.


By offering a variety of marketing solutions, restaurants are able to connect with new movers through multiple touchpoints. Read more about how Welcome Wagon’s strategies can help you reach new residents and gain loyal customers.

Welcome Wagon’s Direct Mail

With millennials growing up and moving around more than baby boomers, we still see how much they appreciate receiving house-warming gifts. In the recent millennial mover survey, respondents were asked, “Would receiving a house-warming gift from a neighbor make you feel more comfortable in a new home/neighborhood?” And 80% responded yes. A local restaurant should strive to become the new mover’s neighbor by sending them a Welcome Wagon Gift Book, Postcard, and Follow-up Book.


By securing a spot in the Welcome Wagon Gift Book, a restaurant has a full-page ad showcasing everything they have to offer. As an added benefit, new movers are more likely to appreciate a restaurant that has taken the time to reach out and welcome them to the neighborhood, leading to loyal returning customers.


Looking to reach loyal customers? With the highly effective Pinpoint Postcard you’ll be able to offer any specials to new movers such as “Pizza Fridays”, “Taco Tuesday”, “Kids Eat Free on Wednesdays”, and more! You’ll also have the opportunity to present any other compelling offers including regular Happy Hours or new food items. The Postcard is a powerful 30 day follow-up to the Gift Book that delivers a concise message and creates a friendly demand for your services.


To reinforce your message and increase chances of revenue, consider Welcome Wagon’s Follow-up Book. New movers will receive the Especially For You Book 90 days after move-in, giving repeated exposure of your restaurant and serving as a reminder. The personalized book is critical to the success of any marketing program.

Welcome Wagon’s Digital & Social Media Marketing Solutions

 New Mover Digital Marketing Local Restaurants

Welcome Wagon’s affordable multi-channel digital advertising allows restaurants to engage with new customers through social media marketing campaigns, new mover email, and a feature on the Welcome Wagon mobile app and directory.  This allows restaurants to secure a complete digital presence targeting a new audience at an affordable price.


Since most new movers are millennials, they are likely to at least one or all of the top leading social media platforms. Restaurants will highly benefit from Welcome Wagon’s Social Media Marketing Campaigns because users enjoy looking at yummy food on their timeline. We will create the perfect campaign to reach your ideal audience of food lovers. With social media campaigns, we can also hyper-target the areas you wish.


Continue to grow your online presence and increase brand awareness through our New Mover Email and FREE Mobile App. The New Mover Email allows users to click on your listing, directing them to your restaurant’s landing page. There they will be able to see your hours of operation, location, and special offers. With the Mobile App, you can include beautiful images of your restaurant’s waiting room area, dining room area, upstairs dining room, bar, and your outside seating area. There’s also a one-touch call feature that helps users quickly reach out to you. They no longer have to waste time by going on Google to search for your restaurant.

Contact Welcome Wagon Today

With Welcome Wagon representatives across the United States, restaurants have an expert in their community to help customize their marketing strategies across digital and print solutions and start seeing new customers today.


For more information on our New Mover Marketing offerings catered for growing your restaurant, contact us today!