Wagon News August 2022

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National Welcome Wagon Holiday!

By Jennifer Troyan

Last year, we created a National Welcome Wagon holiday on Friday, July 23, 2021, especially for our clients, to say thank you for your business and we love rep­resenting you. It is called, “You’re the Best Day!” This year, we celebrated on Friday, July 22, 2022.


We appreciate you and thank you for giving us wonderful businesses to recommend to the new movers across America!

Business cards have not gone out of style.

Image courtesy of freepik

By April Casas

Business cards are your opportunity to create a good image of yourself and the company you represent.


Projecting an image of professionalism is important in everyday business.


Your business card is the vehicle that opens doors, in addition to saying who you are. There are business cards that say a lot and others that say almost nothing.


The business card has to arouse an interest for the person who receives it and, thus, use your services or can be recommended to other people.


Some of the elements that your business card should include are


1 Logo: If you have a personal logo or that of the company, institution or group.

  1. Name: Personal name.
  2. Position: Position or activity that you perform.
  3. Name of the Company: Company, institution or groups that you represent.
  4. Telephone: Personal, company, group or institution.
  5. Website: Personal, company, group or institution.
  6. Email: Personal, company, group or institution.
  7. Social Networks


Recommendation: Add a QR code to it, to add more information when scanned, go to the website or automatically add it to your phone contacts.


Remember that business cards are the first visual impression that we show in the business world and they are very important because, as with people, they are the cover letter of a company.

Check out this post on free marketing strategies!


This cartoon is courtesy of Breakthrough Visuals. It says, “I think we should eat inside tonight.”

It’s Summer and this made us chuckle. For some of us, we want to eat inside anyway because of the heat.

Drones are so popular now it’s interesting to see how prevalent they are in this cartoon, like bugs in the air. While bugs are helpful for the circle of life, we don’t necessarily want to dine with them.  

We hope this makes you smile. Also, hope you have sunscreen and bug repellant to enjoy the outdoors. Hopefully, you don’t find the drones to be a nuisance! Hahahaha

Good Works in the Community

By Jennifer Troyan

A coupe of us did a volunteer event that was a joint project from two wonderful organizations: Food for the Poor and Feed My Starving Children. The event is called Join the Pack.


We packed up these nutrient rich rice packs and the session we were in packed about 34,000 bags of rice that will be shipped directly to the people of Ukraine.


Food For The Poor is one of the largest international relief and development organizations in the United States. While they primarily serve around 17 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, for this event, they saw the need to branch out to help the Ukrainian people.


They partnered with another wonderful organization, Feed My Starving Children to make this a successful event. They serve countries in the Caribbean, Middle East, Europe, Africa, North and South and Central Americas, and Asia.


Both organizations offer so many opportunities to help and get involved from events (in person or virtually), donations, sponsoring, fundraising, buying handcrafted goods from the artisans, mission trips, and on.


Volunteering your time can be so rewarding and it is wonderful to make a difference in people’s lives. It is also an opportunity to make connections with some great volunteers. I know I have met some exceptional people when I volunteer. We encourage you all to check it out and see what is in your local area. There are so many opportunities across the country to help.

Business Spotlight

We are proud to feature Porch as this month’s business spotlight.

Founded in 2013 by Matthew Ehrlichman, Porch entered the home improvement market to help connect the new homeowners across the U.S. with local home professionals and contractors.  By his own experience, Matthew saw how stressful it was when planning a move and knew that the moving and home ownership experience could be greatly improved.

They launched an online platform listing more than 1 million home professionals and contractors who are ready to serve the community at any time.  In 2014 they partnered with Lowe’s and other national home improvement stores with great success. With time the Porch name started to be recognized as one of the leaders in the home improvement & moving marketplace. Startin

g in 2016 Porch has increased their footprint each year by providing CRM solutions to companies within the home buying process such as: home insurance & warranties, home monitoring, home inspectors, roofers, movers, real estate professionals, mortgage providers, title & closing companies, utilities, home maintenance and many more.  In 2020, they went public on the NASDAQ and have now reached 65% of all homebuyers each month in one way or another.

One of the most important factors for new homeowners is the Porch Guarantee. They provide an industry leading $1,000 in property protection against losses from deposits paid to the pro or property damages.

As a company, Porch is committed to the local communities. One way is by allowing their employees to have volunteer time off once a year. This allows each employee to volunteer at an organization of their choice while impacting their community in a positive way. Another way is by partnering with Food Lifeline, a local food pantry in Seattle where Porch is headquartered. Many non-perishable items are gathered during staff meetings and donated to Food Lifeline to distribute as needed.

Welcome Wagon is thrilled to be part of the Porch family and we look forward to continued growth and partnership. 

Visit Porch.com

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