Wagon News December 2021

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THANKSGIVING: A National Holiday

By Maria De La Salas

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays in our country. The history behind this unique celebration tells us how families were brought together around our popular thanksgiving feast. This day invites us to celebrate our wins and to voice out our gratitude for what brings us joy, happiness, and peace. 


Welcome Wagon celebrates its community of New Movers, and we are thankful for our book sponsors and partners, who united under the Welcome Wagon products, contribute to the New Homeowners’ experience. 


Thanksgiving is a time to be close to our family and friends at home being thankful for what we do have and remembering those who are less fortunate.


We hope you; your families, employees and friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. This is a great time to reflect and celebrate each other and the good fortune we have to be in business and to be working together. May everyone take time to appreciate what we have and look towards the future, moving towards growth. This is the perfect time to really enjoy each other’s company, maybe even to shift our focus from social media and putting our attention on each other. One thing we know now is how incredibly adaptive we are. Look at everything we have been thorough over the past year and a half. We are resilient and strong, and the world is smaller than we think! We are extremely grateful for YOU!   — Jennifer Troyan & April Casas

Good Works in the Community

By Jennifer Troyan

This month’s Good Works in the Community featuring Greg Chrisos, our VP Sales Central/Western Divisions. He shared one thing he does in his community that is near and dear to his heart and the best part is, he gets to do it with his sons!


Greg was coaching baseball with kids for several years and saw a need to create this new league. About 8 years ago, he worked with various Board Members to establish Boys Baseball of Aurora’s new Adaptive Recreational Baseball League in IL where Greg is currently the Director of this program. In the League’s write-up, they mention, “We are extremely proud of the impact it has already had on both its participants and volunteers.”


This is a program for youth with cognitive and physical challenges and enables them to enjoy participation in an athletic environment structured to their abilities. More than the skills of baseball learned through the experience, the value of ARBL is found in the proven therapeutic and socialization benefits of participating in sports, the strengthening of participants’ self-esteem, and the disciplines of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play, which are hallmarks of Boys Baseball of Aurora. Participants experience the joys of pulling together as a team, being cheered, and earning awards for their achievements.


If you have a son or daughter who would like to participate in the ARBL, new signups are always welcome. If you are interested in being a volunteer buddy, they also welcome your participation in the league.


Visit: http://www.boysbaseballofaurora.com/

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, nothing, or something else, ENJOY! We wish you the best!

3 Tricks to Always Get the Yes!

By Ryan Serhant (Published on LinkedIn September 17, 2021)

Have you ever looked at someone successful and thought, What’s he doing that I’m not? Maybe it’s a senior agent at your office who closes deals left and right, or the owner of your local gym who just got a huge investor and is planning to franchise, or a kid you went to middle school with who just sold a company to Google. The truth is, getting clients, investors, or anyone to say “Yes” to you isn’t really about luck—it’s about how you approach the process. In other words, it’s a skill that can be learned. And I’ve learned it.


As someone who went from being a hand model with zero real estate experience to the top broker in New York City, I had to learn how to read people and situations closely. My paycheck literally depended on my ability to get people to say “Yes” to me. So, through trial and error, I came up with a few techniques that almost always lead to a favorable outcome. These three tricks will help you get the “Yes” you’re looking for and find more success, both in business and in life.


Trick #1: Plant a Seed and Step Back


The hard sell is not always the right technique. Sometimes, planting a seed and then giving someone time to mull it over is the right way to get the ball rolling. Pressure is needed in sales sometimes, but it can also kill a deal if you apply it to the wrong person or situation. Instead, try the “seed” approach: Send a former client a link to an eye-popping report detailing how hot the market is, and how much he could get for a property he’s been hesitant to sell. Let your boss know that you went to a marketing conference over the weekend and had some amazing ideas for how to boost your brand’s social media engagement. Reach out to a local business with a listing that you think would be perfect for them to use for a second location. If you do your job right, the information you shared will be valuable enough to speak for itself. You’ll get their attention, and once they’ve had a chance to think it over, you’ll get their interest.


Trick #2: Present a Solution to Their Problem


The best way to get a “Yes” from someone is to offer something that makes their life easier. Look for a problem they have and be the person who solves it. This way, instead of asking for something from them, you present a solution to them. Does a local developer have ten units that won’t sell and are still sitting on the market? Tell her your genius plan to get them sold by September. Did your coworker (who happens to have the job you want) just quit? Offer to handle the weekly report she used to do. Presenting a solution is a roundabout way of asking for a job/chance/opportunity, and because you’re offering help instead of asking for a favor, you’re far more likely to receive a “Yes.”


Trick #3: Offer Multiple Possibilities


My final tip to get someone to say “Yes” to you is one of the simplest: Always broaden the options on the table. “Do you have time for a meeting next week?” is a less successful question than, “Do you have a free day next week for a quick coffee, call, or Zoom?” Avoid yes/no and black/white offers and instead, offer choices and multiple possibilities to up the odds of providing an appealing option. You’ll be far more likely to get a positive response. 


Now, go put these tricks into practice and let me know how they work for you!


Note on article: We wanted to share this article because it provides quick and helpful tips for you. We are selling ourselves all the time. You can be in sales, service, professional, medical, dental, recruiting, marketing, customer service, or something else – you are still selling! You sell your family, kids, spouse, boss, co-workers, friends with every idea. Most importantly, grow your business by gaining new clients and staff. 

Fun Cartoon for You

Shared from a Twitter post @friday_rick 6.26.20

“We are discovering that social behaviors do not evolve when Fear comes from Change, but rather when Change comes from Fear.” -Friday © 2020 Cartoons

Business Spotlight

We are honored to feature Farmstead as our Business Spotlight. They have been in business since 2016 and currently operate in California, Florida, and North Carolina with plans to open other regions very soon.


Farmstead was founded by two computer engineers: otherwise known as “Dad” in their families. They had trouble obtaining reliable groceries for their homes, so they decided to solve that need. They created an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered online grocery store reinventing the supermarket experience with technology that sources and delivers local food from farm-to-fridge in as little as 60 minutes. Farmstead’s mission is to make fresh, high-quality food accessible to everyone. They believe that everyone has the right to affordable grocery delivery.


They source products locally whenever possible and they carry a great selection of fresh produce, meat, dairy, eggs, and pantry staples. They also stock a selection of nationally loved brands, so you can get all your shopping done in one place. 


They strive to keep prices at or below what you would find in a typical grocery store, and they never charge fees of any kind.


Farmstead is a grocery store that you never have to visit. This reduces the cost of overhead and cuts food waste on average from 40% (from your average grocery store) down to under 5% and passes the savings down. Customers also receive the benefit of more free time, using less gas to/from the store and, most importantly, keeping away the stress of grocery shopping.


Marketing Director, Jessica Nalbone, shared that she knew they needed to do something special for new movers. Having recently moved, she has firsthand knowledge of what new movers need. She said “That first week in your new house, when it is totally empty and the fridge is bare – you need an easy win. Farmstead is an easy win, one less reason to leave the house. We want everyone to have the best experience possible.”


Visit: www.farmsteadapp.com

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