Wagon News July 2021

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Summer Fun Pet Photo Contest Winners!

By Jennifer Troyan & Philip Salvagni

In June we ran a Summer Fun Pet Photo Contest and said we’d announce the WINNERS here (our July edition of The Wagon News).


Recap of Contest Details: Does your animal just look cute or do they do anything special? Do they like to dress up or play a sport? Show us! In honor of the upcoming Olympics, we will chose the top 3 to earn a virtual Gold, Silver or Bronze medal plus the winners get bragging rights! For the top winner, we will donate $100 to the pet charity of your choosing.


This was such a fun contest and so many people shared their pet’s story. Not surprisingly, there were some super cute submissions. We decided to share the TOP 10 with you.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to send a submission.


  • 1st place GOLD MEDAL WINNER: Fiona
  • 2nd place Silver Medal Winner: Elvis
  • 3rd place Bronze Medal Winners: Everyone else! They were all so cute and sweet we felt it best to award Bronze to all of them, so in no particular order: Duffy, Leo, Tera, Ms. Lexi Little, Luna, Peanut, Remy, and Mimi.


Congratulations Winners!


To Fiona’s family – enjoy the bragging rights, virtual GOLD Medal PLUS we will donate $100 toward Fiona’s favorite pet charity (We will be in touch with you next week to get the charity info).


Stay tuned for next month when we reveal Fiona’s chosen pet charity donation.

It's Vacation Time!

By Jennifer Troyan

Enjoy this cute cartoon by Artist David Sipress from The New Yorker on vacationing.


This is the time of year to go on or plan your trip.


Where will you go? What will you do? Who is going?


What do you need to do or wrap up before you go? Even though the cartoon jokes about making a list, I love it because it truly works! Just a tip from me to you.

The Body of an Ad

By Philip Salvagni

Effective advertising is made up of various elements and today we will focus on the Body!

The body is the main text in an advertisement, which is distinct from the other parts; logo, headline, images, offer, call to action, etc. It provides two important purposes. One – it helps readers develop a further interest in the ad and Two – it will give them details to remember.


The body is one of the main reasons why a consumer will act on an offer. This is because, after reading the body, they understand the point of the ad and what the offer is for. An emotional and logical appeal is generated and it allows them to make an informed decision and act.


Thanks for reading, stay tuned next month for another look at the elements of a successful ad.


This is part of the Design article series, part 4 of 6.

Independence Day!

What are you doing this 4th of July?


Many will be celebrating by getting with family and friends. A barbeque, perhaps? Definitely something outside (even if it’s hot!).

Catch some fireworks if you can be it in person, on your street (only if it’s legal where you are), or on TV. They are the ultimate celebration. Be sure to plan for your fur babies because they may not like them as much as we do.


Whatever you do, enjoy the day. Have a grateful heart. We’ve come so far!

Business Spotlight

Looking for a hard-to-find piece of vintage or discontinued tableware? Ready to make every gathering memorable? We’ve got the business for you!


This month’s Business Spotlight is Replacements, Ltd., founded in 1981. Offering more than 11 million pieces of history-soaked china, crystal, silver, estate jewelry, and more, Replacements is dedicated to maintaining connections – to the past, each other, and the planet. 


Replacements strives to inspire each generation to create and preserve life’s most memorable moments, while also building stronger communities that make positive change in the world. That’s why the company nurtures an inclusive workplace and actively participates in a number of advocacy, sustainability, and community service initiatives.


We encourage you to check out this wonderful business.


Visit their showroom in McLeansville, NC (a one-of-a-kind experience in itself) or shop online at replacements.com

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Email: hello@welcomewagon.com and put “Referral” in the subject line and tell us who you are referring and you will be entered to win the gift card.