Wagon News June 2021

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Summer Fun Pet Photo Contest!

By Jennifer Troyan


Summer is upon us and we thought it would be fun to do a pet photo contest.


Share a pic of your pet. Let’s face it, looking at pics of pets (and other people’s pets) brings joy, calm and is known to reduce anxiety plus it makes people smile. We want to share that with you. After all, there are many Facebook pages dedicated to various animal groups. I know I have friends that spend time on these pages, and it makes them happy and they often share their joy.


Does your animal just look cute or do they do anything special? Do they like to dress up or play a sport? Show us!


This contest runs from June 1st to June 30th and winners will be determined the following week and announced on social media and in July’s edition of The Wagon News.


In honor of the upcoming Olympics, we will choose the top 3 to earn a virtual Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal plus the winners get bragging rights!


For the top winner, we will donate $100 to the pet charity of your choosing.


Got a cute pet pic you want to share? Email Jennifer.troyan@welcomewagon.com and put “Pet” in the subject line.


P.S.: This contest is for anyone to enter except newsletter contributors. Thank you!

Celebrating Success

By Jennifer Troyan

Enjoy this cute cartoon by Artist Zdenek Sasek on celebrating success. This could be you or this IS YOU.


Many of us are feeling good and thing are looking up. If you are struggling, keep good thoughts and know you will get there. Intend it to be so. That’s what we do!


Keep moving forward and increase your success. We can all move to new heights, together! We appreciate each of you.

WOW! I’d Better Read This!

By Philip Salvagni

Headlines attract attention and it is the first thing a person is going to read. A strong headline will hook the potential customer and draw their interest into the rest of the ad. Does it interest them, intrigue them or amuse them or can it be ignored? If the headline isn’t catchy enough, they may decide to turn the page or keep scrolling.


If you’ve read this far, the headline did its job. This is why a great headline is a crucial element to the success of any ad.


This is part of the Design article series, part 3 of 6.

Father's Day

Extending our best wishes to all Fathers.


Fathers give us strength, heart, encouragement and push us towards the highest goals.


We love this quote from Antoine François Prévost, which sums it up nicely, “The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.”


THANK YOU to all the Dads for your wonderful love and guidance!


Happy Father’s Day to you and your Dads.

Business Spotlight

Our business spotlight for June is Domestic Household Services. In business for 29 years! Currently, they are in the Nashville, TN area as well as the Orlando, FL market with expansion plans to be in more areas.

They have a unique outlook on things which is why we are spotlighting them. It used to be that higher-end cleaning services such as a butler were reserved for an exclusive group of people.  With Domestic Household Services set up, there are service options for everyone, and they are affordable. You can arrange your cleaning services how you like, with your individual needs. They put touches on it that matter to you and always make their clients feel special and they do the detailed work. As they say, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”

They work with an organization called Cleaning for a Reason which donates cleaning to people with cancer – donating their time and giving back to people. Such a wonderful and helpful cause!

When we talked to the owner, she shared “We are very happy doing business with Welcome Wagon. We are very impressed working with our Community Marketing Executive, Bonnie Sopko. She is very savvy and on top of her game. She’s creative and brought it all to the table.”


For more information, call them at 800-772-3412 or 615-764-3547.

Make a Referral and be

Refer a business to Welcome Wagon and be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Email: hello@welcomewagon.com and put “Referral” in the subject line and tell us who you are referring and you will be entered to win the gift card.