Wagon News October 2021

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To our valued clients and friends:

Our sincere thanks to each of you for your partnership in Welcome Wagon’s journey so far. Since our founding, we have been on a mission to help brands and local businesses reach local movers. As the next step in our journey, we are extremely pleased to announce that Welcome Wagon has been acquired by the Porch Group to join V12, the leader of Porch’s marketing software and services division. By joining forces with V12 and Porch, we can now bring you a broader suite of solutions to help you continue to grow.

V12 and Porch are a great fit for Welcome Wagon’s culture. They are similarly dedicated to helping local businesses and national brands thrive. Their resources, focus and extensive mover marketing assets will help Welcome Wagon and in turn, you, continue to grow and expand.

Good Works in the Community

Bill Burns, CFO for Cross Country Healthcare, knows first-hand what it’s like to go through a dozen blood transfusions and 120 chemotherapy treatments for a rare and aggressive form of Leukemia.  Bill knows what it’s like to enjoy life in full remission thanks to the life-saving medications made possible by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).  Once recovered, Bill sought to give back to LLS by volunteering to be the Corporate Walk Chairperson for the Boca Raton Light the Night event for 2019 and 2020. 

In support of the 2020 event, Amy Smith; Community Marketing Executive with Welcome Wagon, and a friend of Bill’s family, asked if she could donate one of her original paintings to raise money for the event. Amy said, “I painted this picture called ‘HOPE’ with oil and cold wax and donated it. This cause is close to my heart.”

The picture raised over $500 for the research and support for cancer patients and their families. 

Bill currently serves as a member of the South Florida LLS Board of Trustees and is looking forward to the next Light the Night Event in Boca Raton on November 6th, 2021.  Please visit https://www.lightthenight.org/ for more information on how to donate, or to find the next event.

Fun Cartoon for You

Enjoy these “lemon aids” to motivate you and to share a smile.


By Amy Smith

Let’s talk about the word change.  Today I changed my clothes, my sheets and my hairstyle.  I went to the grocery store because I had to change my diet.  When I got the register, I asked for change for a $5 so I could get a scratch ticket for the Florida lottery.  Later that day I changed my mind about a report I had to complete for work and realized the weather had changed dramatically from sunny to a torrential downpour.  I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. 

For years, musical artists have written songs about change.  For instance, Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin”. Written in 1964, each verse in the song tells a different story, but the core message is clear- change is a constant in life.  Almost all of us are familiar with ch-ch-ch-ch “Changes” by David Bowie.  According to Songfacts.com, this is a reflective song about defying your critics and stepping out on your own.  Let’s also recognize the famous song; “Man in The Mirror.” This is basically a song about wanting change in the world, but instead of blaming others, it’s about taking responsibility for the change you want to see. The key message is that if you want to make anything happen, first, you must look at the “Man in the Mirror” and ask what you’ve done to make a difference.

Did you know that every day we wake up on a completely different planet? Volcanoes have erupted forming new land, plants have grown providing us with new food and adding oxygen to the atmosphere and hundreds of thousands of humans have joined us.   According to Scientific American, about 330 billion cells are replaced daily in the human body, equivalent to 1 percent of all our cells!  In 80 to 100 days, 30 trillion cells will have been replenished – the equivalent of a new you!

How about change in the workplace? According to Forbes Magazine, while coping with change in the workplace can be challenging there are ways to make it easier.  Helping others, embracing new opportunities, maintaining relationships, accepting rather than resisting, and overcommunicating were all recommended.

Recently, Welcome Wagon was acquired by the Porch Group (NASDAQ:PRCH) to join its marketing and software division led by V12, a subsidiary of Porch. Maria De la Salas, President of Welcome Wagon believes that “This acquisition is a real testament to all who have contributed to the success of our company.  As a member of a public company, there are many exciting new opportunities ahead.  I am very excited for the next chapter in Welcome Wagon’s story.”

To sum it up, according to Heraclitus, “The Only Constant in Life is Change.” Ancient Greek philosophers taught valuable lessons that are still mind-blowingly relevant today.  When a simple saying has remained alive for centuries, it is a good idea to stop and recognize its truth.

Note From a Happy Client That is Retiring…

Shared From Linda Farley

We wish you a wonderful retirement and thank you for your business and kind words to us.

Sept 2021

Terry is retiring!! Due to his retirement, we will be closing our family business as of September 30, 2021.

We have served the West Michigan area for 24 years and formed many meaningful relationships. We are proud of all the accomplishments, awards, contributions and activities we have had the privilege to be a part of with our local community over the years!

We would like to take this opportunity to say that it was truly a pleasure working with you and your team and we thank you for playing your part in making TLC Automotive so successful.


Terry and Lara

President and Vice President

Business Spotlight

We are honored to feature NuvoH20 as our Business Spotlight. This Utah-based business started in 2009 and has revolutionized the water softener industry. In some States, the common salt-based system has been banned due to the damage to the environment, salinization of the water, and water waste.


Why do we love NuvoH20? They use a citrus-based formula that lowers PH and keeps the good minerals. They use a cartridge-based system, so it is small, economical, and fits any type of home. We spoke to Marketing Manager, Erin Fonoti who acknowledged, “We’re there. We’re available, there is a healthy and beneficial alternative from clunky salt-based water softeners. Better for the environment and convenient. Saves money as well. We say, HELLO, WORLD!”

Another reason they stand out is the good works they do in their community and abroad. This is such a priority they have an Impact Department who chooses organizations to partner with each month and the employees can participate in various activities. Most recently, contributing to Paws for Life, Utah, and Engage Now Africa.


All of these efforts have been guided by NuvoH2O’s Impact Manager, Eshelle Rodriges, who has a specific vision in mind for their efforts. She says:

“It is our belief that a company should walk their talk. Because of that, we’re committed to having our internal identity match our brand identity. We do that by nurturing a positive company culture that is excited to give back to our community (local and global), the planet, and to our employees.


We want our customers to know that they aren’t just buying a product, when they buy a NuvoH2O water softener, they are helping to improve life for themselves, the global community, and the planet we live on. Our crew isn’t just selling water softeners, they are helping to change people’s lives. It is because of our amazing customers and staff that we can make the impact we are and will continue to. And for that, we wish to extend our deepest gratitude.”

(Excerpted from a recent Press Release titled “Positive Change with NuvoH20”)


Ms. Fonoti kindly shared, “When we first heard about Welcome Wagon, I thought it sounded like an interesting opportunity. I loved the rich history of the company and with a legacy like theirs, I thought we couldn’t go wrong. Working with Welcome Wagon has been a great experience. Every person I have worked with has been so kind, encouraging, energetic, creative, and passionate about what they do and offer. I love partnering with companies like this because they are sure to be involved enough to ensure our success!”


Check them out: Nuvoh2O.com/welcomewagon

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