With Welcome Wagon’s New Mover Marketing Program, your business will have the opportunity to greet new movers in the local community before your competition does! Welcome Wagon offers multiple channels, print and digital marketing, to help build brand awareness and loyal customers.
Our dynamic print and digital marketing solutions help automotive, child care, dental, financial, health & fitness, home services, insurance, medical, restaurant, salon & spa, veterinarian, and more business reach new movers.
With Welcome Wagon’s Gift Book, your business will have a custom, full page ad, including compelling offers and an invitation to visit or contact your business. Plus, we offer category exclusivity, which means you don’t have to worry about a local competitor being on the next page. There is also a high quality oversized postcard that you can send as a follow up piece or as a stand-alone piece.
Due to new movers settling in their new residence during the first couple weeks, they might forget or miss the first greeting you sent them. That’s why it’s important to follow up with Welcome Wagon’s Postcards and Follow-up Book. The effective 30 day follow-up Pinpoint Postcard showcases your business’s services, offers, and contact information, creating a demand for your product or service. To reinforce your business’s personal brand, 90 days after move-in, new movers will receive a personalized Follow-Up Book and this serves as a reminder piece, once they have settled into their new home.
  • Greets new movers right at move-in to create a strong community feel and contains information about the local area.
  • New movers will establish their new habits with you and generate loyalty for your business
  • Includes a custom, full page ad with a compelling invitation to visit or contact your business
  • Stays in the homes for an average of 5 – 7 years
  • Offers category exclusivity to help reach new movers before your local competition
  • High-quality, oversized postcard that showcases your business along with special offers
  • Delivers a concise message to new movers
  • Creates demand for your product/service
  • Design, printing, postage, and mailing all for one low price
  • Personalized and attractive book
  • Gives repeated exposure of your business and offer
  • Reinforces your brand message and increases chances of gaining loyal customers
  • Serves as a reminder (90 days after move-in) which is critical to the success of any marketing program
Greet new movers with Welcome Wagon’s New Mover Email, Directory Inclusion, and Social Media Marketing! New movers can click your listing with our New Mover Email program to direct them to a landing page created just for your business. Looking to increase your discoverability and strengthen your online reputation? Your business can be featured in our partner directory, including a map so your new customers can find your location. With the Directory Inclusion, eye-catching images of your services and products will encourage new movers to reach out and learn more bout your business. As part of the directory inclusion, your business will also be featured on our Mobile App for easy on-the-go access. Just another way for the new movers to find your business. Looking to expand your reach on Facebook and Instagram? Welcome Wagon’s Social Media Marketing program hyper targets demographics on the world’s most used social media platforms, growing your online presence and increasing brand awareness. We also create and post sponsored ads for you in your targeted areas.
  • Reach targeted demographics on the world’s leading social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram
  • Reach new movers at any time of the day
  • Grow your online presence and increase brand awareness
  • Create customer loyalty and generate quality sale leads by engaging with new potential customers online
  • It’s the only turn-key solution that delivers your business to the new mover’s inbox
  • Directs users to a helpful landing page unique to your business
  • Generates brand awareness
  • Users can access your business listing through our FREE mobile app and online directory on welcomewagon.com
  • Users can search for deals from local businesses
  • Includes a map to help new movers locate your business and a one-touch call feature
  • Showcases beautiful visuals to attract and encourage new users to reach out to you
  • Health Insurance – comprehensive group health plan
  • Work/Life Balance – you’ll be able to work from the comfort of your own home
  • Bonus Incentives – generous commission and bonus structures
  • Income Potential is Unlimited – uncapped commission
  • Help businesses thrive within your local community
  • Can work Full-time or part-time
Visit https://welcomewagon.com/careers/ and you’ll see a simple form down below where you will need to fill out your contact information and attach a resume.