New Mover Direct Mail Solutions

Welcome Wagon’s Direct Mail Marketing programs will deliver your business the new customers it needs to succeed! We have a multi-touch strategy to get your company’s name in front of new movers at precisely the right time.

Category exclusivity ensures that your business will be the only one of its type that we recommend to the new movers in the areas you choose.

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Welcome Wagon’s Direct Mail Program connects your business to new movers throughout every phase of the home buying process.

From the time they list their property for sale, plan their move, and settle into their new home, we communicate with the decision makers and introduce your business to them at the precise time they need and are looking for your services.

Pre-Mover Direct Mail Program:  Engage with the pending mover shortly after they list their property for sale.

New Mover Marketing Program: Connect with new movers immediately after they move into their new home and all  throughout the first few critical months as they settle into their homes and create their shopping habits.


Benefits of Mover Marketing

Over 40 million people move in the U.S. each year, spending thousands of dollars on average for goods and services. In fact, new homeowners will spend up to 20 times more money in the first six months of their occupancy than existing homeowners spend in two years. These new families are ready and able to spend a significant
amount of money in your community.

  • Exclusivity in your Business Category
  • Creditworthy Customers
  • New Movers Spend More in Year One Than Any Other Year
  • Have a Need for Your Business
  • Establishing Relationships Now!

Multiple Ways to Connect

welcome wagon gift book

Gift Book

Welcome new movers to the community through inclusion in your local edition.

Our gift book arrives in the homes shortly after move-in. It’s personalized with the family’s last name and is loaded with great information about the community.

Best of all, we provide category exclusivity, which means that your business will be the only one of its kind in your area.

postcard marketing


Select your target audience and we do the rest!

Enhance your mover marketing program and reach your ideal audience through a targeted postcard marketing campaign.

Postcard campaigns can be created as an additional touchpoint to the Gift Book program, or as a stand-alone marketing program to run on demand.

National insert marketing

National Inserts

Reach a larger new mover audience though our national insert program.

Inserts are the perfect marketing strategy if you are a national brand and want to be included in our full direct mail distribution.

This is a cost-effective way to touch every new homeowner with a targeted message.

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