Marketing Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Welcome Wagon New Mover Marketing will introduce you automotive business to the new movers in your area.

72% of new movers will spend $12k-30k on products and services within the first 12 months.


75% of aftermarket auto repair is performed by independent auto repair shops.


86% of all types of repairs across the U.S. consist of general automotive repairs.


54% of new movers will need auto repair services within the first 6 months.

They are new to your neighborhood. They have money to spend. They need your business!

Whether you operate an auto body, auto repair, auto supply, auto dealership or any other automotive related business, reaching new movers before your competition is key to growing your customer base.

New movers will spend more in the first 6 months of a move than the average consumer will spend in three years, and they are 5 times more likely to become your loyal customer if you reach them first.

They are gathering information and are open to offers. By strategically targeting these consumers through multiple channels you can generate awareness, establish your brand presence, and create loyal new customers.


Multiple direct mail touch points that engage and build trust with new movers in your area.


Reach the new movers through multiple digital channels including email, online web directory presence and mobile app.

Social Media

Geo Target your audience with compelling, targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

A direct 1-2-3 approach utilizing a clear path of follow-ups for maximum effectiveness.

Gift Book

Delivered at move-in.

Greet the new movers in your area with the high quality Welcome Wagon Gift Book.


30 days after move-in.

High-quality, oversized postcards will showcase your business along with a compelling offer.

Follow-up Book

90 days after move-in.

Give repeated exposure of your business and offer to the initial new mover in a personalized book.

A complete digital presence that targets your local market.

Social Media

We take the guesswork out of Social Media Marketing. Our digital experts craft the perfect campaign to reach your local market.

New Mover Email

Our New Mover Email program is the only turn-key solution that delivers your business to the new mover’s inbox.

Directory Inclusion

Your business will be featured in our partner directory, accessible through either our website or FREE mobile app.

Our Customers Matter

Words from businesses owners across the country who market their business with Welcome Wagon.

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