Marketing Solutions for the Medical Industry

68% of new movers said they would change their primary doctor.

Increase the number of patients and become the number one Medical Service or Doctor in your area by connecting with new homeowners first, before your competitors.

Be the first to provide medical care in your area.

doctor with patient
44%of movers believe finding a good hospital was a top priority when moving
doctor looking at heart on computer screen
47%of movers said that finding a good specialist doctor was a top priority when moving
woman deciding between two doctors
67%of new movers made physician-related decisions within the first two months of moving


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"We have enjoyed participating in the Welcome Wagon program and have been a sponsor since 2012. Highly recommended!"

"Michelle was a joy to deal with. They do a great job of following up on a monthly basis with the list of potential new customers."

"We are very pleased with the postcard. The Graphics Department did a fine job. We are pleased to be partnering with WW to help new neighbors find the quality chiropractic care that they need. Thank you for the efficiency and professionalism of our rep, Teresa Fundaro."

direct mail marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

Did you know that 80% of new movers redeem coupons from merchants before, during, and after the move? Target new movers in your market with Welcome Wagon’s suite of new mover direct mail marketing solutions.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Target new movers multiple times and across multiple channels with our suite of digital marketing solutions. Additionally, you can target homeowners and renters in your target market to expand your reach and maximize your marketing efforts.

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