America's Welcoming Service Since 1928.
Connecting New Movers with Local Businesses
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America's Welcoming Service Since 1928

Welcome Wagon® was founded in 1928 by an insightful marketing man in Memphis, Tennessee, Thomas Briggs. 


It was Mr. Briggs who initially realized the marketing power of new mover marketing. 


Marketing to new movers and connecting with them when they first enter the community builds long lasting relationships.


Studies show…

85% of new movers use the first business that contacts them.


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New Mover Marketing Solutions

Though the delivery methods have changed, the sound business marketing strategy of being the first to connect with new movers continues to prove to be an effective method of acquiring new customers!

Continuing our 90-year legacy as America’s Welcoming Service, our local Community Marketing Executives serve their local communities by consulting with local businesses and creating for them a strategic hyper-local print and digital marketing plan.

In addition, all Welcome Wagon clients receive customized marketing summaries that provide key insight into the details of their marketing campaign. 

Your Marketing Summary allows us to gauge the effectiveness of the new mover marketing and continually adjust to improve as needed.

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