Greet the new movers in your area with the high quality, long-lasting Welcome Wagon Gift Book.

Includes a custom, full page ad with a compelling invitation to visit or call your business. Plus, we offer category exclusivity which allows your business to reach new movers before your local competition!

The Gift Book truly creates a community feel and contains information about the local area.

Gift Book

Delivered at Move-In.

 Our gift book is designed to be a high-quality guide to the neighborhood. We feature information about community organizations and we only include one local company in each industry.* Make that company your company to have an edge on the competition!

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30 days after move-in.

Printed on high-quality card stock, our postcards bring your company back to the top of new movers’ minds.

Follow-up Book

90 days after move-in.

Effective marketing campaigns engage consumers more than once. Connect with that new mover one more time by including your company in a full-color summary of local promotions.


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