How New Movers Use Social Media for Shopping and Local Business Exploration

November 21, 2023by Larisa Bedgood0

Moving to a new neighborhood is a transformative experience that often involves significant changes in daily routines, habits, and lifestyle choices. 

Social media platforms are a preferred channel for many new movers who are engaged in shopping and researching products, services, and local businesses.

In fact, according to Porch Group Media New Mover Trends report, nearly two-thirds of new movers said they are likely to make a purchase from a social media ad (65%). Additionally, more than half of new movers (56%) have purchased from a social media ad.

Exploring the Neighborhood Virtually – How New Movers Use Social Media

New movers often rely on a variety of online sources, such as social media platforms, to discover nearby businesses and receive personalized recommendations. 

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp use geolocation data to provide tailored suggestions for restaurants, shops, and services in their vicinity.

Facebook Groups and NextDoor also offer spaces for residents to connect, share insights, and seek recommendations. New movers can join these groups to tap into the collective knowledge of their neighbors regarding local businesses and services.

Example of a NextDoor post from a new mover.

text from social media

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Various social platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, can also be great treasure troves of visual inspiration. New Movers often follow local businesses to see their offerings in action, from food and fashion to home decor and services. Visually appealing content can entice them to explore further.

When communicating with local businesses, new movers may head to social to inquire about products, services, opening hours, and special offers, seeking quick and convenient responses. Businesses that actively engage with these interactions demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Reaching New Movers on Social Media

Reaching new movers using social media can be an effective strategy for businesses looking to tap into this audience.

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Here are some tips to help businesses connect with and engage new movers on social media:

  • Leverage Geotargeting and Location-Based Advertising
    Use geotargeting features on social media platforms to reach users in specific neighborhoods or areas. Create location-based advertising campaigns to promote your business to new movers in your vicinity.
  • Engage with Local Hashtags
    Research and use local hashtags related to the neighborhood or city where new movers are settling. This will help your posts become discoverable to residents searching for local content.
  • Share Local Insights
    Provide valuable information about the local area in your social media posts. Share tips on nearby attractions, events, schools, and amenities to establish your business as a helpful resource for newcomers.
  • Highlight Local Partnerships
    Showcase collaborations or partnerships with other local businesses or organizations. Cross-promotion can help you reach a wider audience of new movers and build a sense of community.
  • Provide Exclusive Offers
    Offer exclusive discounts, promotions, or welcome packages for new movers who engage with your social media profiles. Make sure to communicate the benefits of these offers clearly.
  • Run Targeted Ads
    Use social media advertising to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. You can create ad campaigns tailored to the preferences and needs of new movers, such as special offers for newcomers.

    Choose the platform that most resonates with your audience, creating engaging content, showcasing offers and discounts, and other helpful tips to welcome new movers to the neighborhood. Also be sure to
    upload a new mover audience list to ensure you are displaying your ads specifically to individuals who have recently relocated.
  • Share Customer Testimonials
    Encourage satisfied customers, including new movers, to share their experiences on your social media pages. User-generated content builds trust and credibility among potential customers.
  • Engage in Conversations
    Respond promptly to comments, messages, and inquiries on your social media accounts. Engaging in conversations with new movers can foster a sense of connection and trust.
  • Host Virtual Tours or Q&A Sessions
    Use live streaming or video content to host virtual tours of your business or Q&A sessions where you can address questions from new movers. This interactive approach can help build a personal connection.
  • Educate and Inform
    Share informative content that new movers might find useful. This could include moving tips, local insights, or product guides that cater to their specific needs.

Be sure to regularly track your social media metrics to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and make necessary adjustments to improve your results.

As individuals transition to new neighborhoods, social media platforms are indispensable tools for them to discover, engage with, and support local businesses. 

Building a strong social presence and offering valuable content and incentives can help create a positive impression and encourage new movers to become loyal customers.

The power of social media for new movers cannot be underestimated. It’s not just a tool for connecting with friends; it’s a gateway to discovering new local businesses and shopping experiences. From discovering hidden gems to reading reviews and recommendations, social media has become an indispensable part of the new mover’s toolkit.

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