This month we are excited to feature veterinarians. Did you know that veterinarians (vets) have been around in various forms since ancient times? The first record of medical care for animals was an Indian sage named Shalihotra Samhita, who recorded the first use of herbs as medicine for livestock in 2350 B.C. Since then and throughout the middle ages, most of the veterinary care focused on horses and livestock because they were of high economic significance during that time. By 1761, the first veterinary college was founded in Lyon, France by Claude Bourgelat. A year later, the first students to complete the program significantly contributed to end the cattle plague that was devastating Europe at that time. By 1844, the veterinary trade was accepted as a profession by royal charter at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London.

In the U.S. the first official training program was established in 1961 by the State University of New York under the direction of Dr. Walter Collins, who is considered to be the “father of veterinary technology.”  His writings and teaching lectures produced several “how to” guides that are the foundation of veterinary medicine till this day. Due to the wide variety of animals and complexities of each species, there are many specialized areas of veterinary care such as: small animals (most common for dogs, cats and other household pets), exotic (uncommon pets such as reptiles, livestock, exotic birds, rabbits, ferrets, etc.), equine (horses and other farm animals), wildlife (wild species management and zoology), laboratory practice (the well-being of animals in a facility while researching treatments for animal diseases), dentists (dental health of animals to prevent oral diseases), aquatic (wellness of marine animals), among others.

With 78% of new movers being pet owners, it is especially important for veterinarians to be the first pet care specialist to welcome the new family to the community.
Veterinarian looking at a white dog

Veterinarians are one of the most important cornerstones of a community and increasingly help to welcome everyone by providing great pet care for all new movers.

Welcome Wagon is proud to partner with many veterinary professionals across the United States. In fact, we have about 15 practices that are long-term partners, reaching new mover families for over 20+ years all the way to brand new practices that just started last month. All are welcome, no matter the size. There are program options for everyone!

Interested in reaching new movers? We can help.

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