Good Works in the Community – Featuring Bears for Humanity

October 2, 2023by Larisa Bedgood0

This month’s segment of Good Works in the Community features the organization, Bears for Humanity based out of Georgetown, TX. Not only are their stuffed animals cute and bring joy to the ones that get them; but they serve a great purpose too.

We wanted to share this with you because we like what they are doing and their message. Sustainability, fair-trade, safe certified organic, and eco-friendly products are part of Bears for Humanity’s values.

The bears are made from organic cotton fiber, and they have a lot of certifications to support their manufacturing standards. 

Our favorite part: When you buy a bear, they give one to a child in need. 💚

These make great gifts for children or adults who want to support a company doing good work. Another neat option they offer – you can design your own plush or apparel and they offer custom manufacturing. 

The company’s founders have a lovely story and you can check it out on their website, which also mentions they were inspired by the founder of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie to give bears to children in need. 

This is their mission, vision, and history as shared on their website:


Bears for Humanity’s mission is to manufacture safe and Eco-friendly organic products, protect our environment, create fair trade living wage jobs, and give back to causes for children, animals, and the environment.


Our vision is to become the global leader and standard bearer for manufacturing certified organic products, creating fair living wage jobs to uplift people from poverty, and to give back to causes for children, animals, and the environment around the world.

How cute are their bears and other plush animals? The holidays are coming and this is a good time to order some bears. We love knowing for every bear you buy another child gets one too. 

Check them out:

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