8 Ways to Market Your Brand to New Movers

October 24, 2023by Larisa Bedgood0

For brands, marketing to new movers is an excellent strategy to acquire loyal customers and build a strong local presence. New movers are actively seeking products and services to make their transition smoother, making them a receptive audience. 

They are also in the process of making decisions about which local businesses to use for services, ranging from utilities and healthcare to dining and entertainment. In fact, 85% of new movers use the first business that contacts them.

New Movers: An Untapped Opportunity

Here are 8 tips and strategies on how to effectively market your brand to new movers.

1) Build a Local Presence

Establishing a local presence is vital when targeting new movers. This includes having a physical location if applicable, but also ensuring your brand is visible online.

Optimize your website and social media profiles for local search terms to increase your chances of being discovered by new movers.

2) Local SEO Optimization

New movers often rely on online searches to find services and establishments in their new locale. Optimize your business for local SEO to ensure that when newcomers search for services you offer, your business shows up in the top results.

Keep your Google My Business listing updated with the correct address, contact information, and business hours to facilitate easy accessibility.

3) Welcome Offers and Freebies

A great way to engage new movers is offering discounts or freebies to new movers. Statistics show that 80% of new movers redeem coupons from merchants before, during, and after the move.

This can include free product samples, special discounts, or exclusive access to events or services. 

These gestures create a positive impression and encourage new movers to engage with your brand.

4) Direct Mail Campaigns

Studies have shown that new movers are more likely to respond to direct mail marketing. The tangible nature of direct mail pieces can offer a sense of trust and personal touch, which can be comforting during the transition to a new place.

Promote your welcome offers through postcards or other types of direct mail programs, featuring your exclusive offers and discounts.

Did you know?

  • 69% of new movers agreed that they enjoy checking the mailbox for postal mail.
  • 31% felt that move-related information received by mail was the most convenient to read and more trustworthy compared to online.

Learn about Welcome Wagon’s direct mail programs to welcome new movers into the neighborhood.

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5) Email Marketing

Develop an email marketing strategy targeting new movers. This is especially effective when combined with other channels, such as direct mail or social media advertising. 

Welcome Emails with a Personal Touch
Create a series of welcome emails that not only introduce your business but also extend a warm welcome to new movers. Personalize these emails to resonate with their experience of moving to a new place.

Offer Exclusive Discounts and Promotions
As with other channels such as direct mail, email is the perfect opportunity to encourage new movers to try out your products or services by offering them exclusive discounts and promotions. 

Local Insights and Recommendations
Build value by providing local insights and recommendations in your email content. Share tips on navigating the neighborhood, highlight local events, or suggest popular community spots, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

Learn about Welcome Wagon’s co-op email program to welcome new movers into the neighborhood.

6) Social Media Advertising

Leverage social media advertising to reach new movers in your area. 

According to Porch Group Media New Mover Trends report, nearly two-thirds of new movers said they are likely to make a purchase from a social media ad (65%). Additionally, more than half of new movers (56%) have purchased from a social media ad.

Choose the platform that most resonates with your audience, creating engaging content, showcasing offers and discounts, and other helpful tips to welcome new movers to the neighborhood. Also be sure to upload a new mover audience list to ensure you are displaying your ads specifically to individuals who have recently relocated. 

7) Content Marketing

Produce content that addresses the challenges and questions new movers may have. 

Blog posts, videos, or infographics about topics like local schools, restaurants, or home improvement tips can establish your brand as a valuable resource.

8) Community Involvement

Local businesses can organize or sponsor community events such as festivals, sports events, or charity fundraisers. These events serve as excellent platforms to engage with new movers, offering them a glimpse into the local culture and fostering camaraderie.

Being an active and visible member of the community can also foster trust and goodwill among new movers.

Marketing your brand to new movers is an often-overlooked opportunity to establish a loyal customer base and grow your local presence. By understanding their needs, providing valuable resources, and offering personalized welcome gestures, your brand can make a lasting impression on new residents. 

For more information and ideas for your direct mail and digital campaigns, contact Welcome Wagon! Founded in 1928 to welcome new movers to their community, Welcome Wagon is committed to connecting with new homeowners through their mailboxes and online.

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