New Mover Marketing for Automotive Repair Brands

June 21, 2023by Larisa Bedgood0

Moving to a new home can be an exciting but challenging time. For new movers, everything from finding a new grocery store to discovering a new automotive repair brand can be a daunting task. New movers are generally more open to trying new brands compared to established residents – in fact, according to research, 90% would be willing to try a new brand. Moving to a new area can be a time of exploration and discovery, and trying out new brands can be a part of that experience.

Marketing to new movers  also helps replace lost customers. Did you know that the average business loses 20% of its customer base to moving in any given year? And that new movers are 5X more likely to become long-term customers? (Welcome Wagon)

When it comes to automotive repair, movers have a wide range of options to choose from. From independent repair shops to dealership service centers, there are many different brands and providers vying for consumers’ business.

Here are some statistics on new movers and the automotive repair industry:

  • 54% of new movers will need auto repair services within the first 6 months of moving. (Welcome Wagon)
  • 72% of new movers will spend $12-30K on products and services within the first 12 months of the move. (Welcome Wagon)
  • 62% of new movers are more likely to purchase products or services from a business that sends them a personalized welcome message within the first month of moving. (United States Postal Service)
  • 82% of new movers are actively searching for new service providers and brands to replace their previous providers. (DMA)
  • 90% of new movers are willing to try new automotive repair brands, making them an ideal audience for businesses looking to expand their customer base. (Porch Group Media)
  • The average household spends $350-$500 per year on vehicle maintenance and repair. (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association)
  • 77% of new movers search for local businesses online before visiting them in person. (Neustar Localeze)

Learn how Welcome Wagon’s print and digital advertising strategies will introduce your automotive service center to new movers in your area before your competition, giving you the opportunity to make a loyal customer.




How do new movers choose automotive repair brands?

Online Research

A report by Digital Air Strike found that 75% of car buyers and 68% of service customers say internet research, including social media and review sites, was the most helpful medium when selecting a car dealership. (Porch Group Media)

With the click of a button, shoppers can search for brands in their new area, read reviews and ratings, and learn about their services and pricing. Many brands also have a strong online presence, including social media accounts and websites, which can provide valuable information to new movers.

Recommendations from Family and Friends

Recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors can play a significant role in how new movers research new brands. They may reach out to their social network for suggestions and advice, asking for recommendations on everything from restaurants to healthcare providers.

Advertising and Promotions

Brands that want to attract new movers may also use targeted advertising and promotions to reach their audience. This may include digital ads, direct mail campaigns, or special deals and discounts to reach new movers.. By offering an enticing offer, brands can entice new movers to give them a try.

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Local Directories and Guides

Local directories, guides, and business associations can also be a valuable resource for new movers. These directories provide a comprehensive list of businesses in the area, including automotive repair brands, and can often include reviews and ratings from previous customers.

You can also welcome new movers to your community and showcase your automotive repair brand through inclusion in your local edition of Welcome Wagon’s gift book.

Our gift book arrives in the homes shortly after move-in. It’s personalized with the family’s last name and is loaded with great information about the community.


Send a targeted postcard marketing campaign featuring your automotive repair brand to new movers in your community. Postcard campaigns can be created as an additional touchpoint to the Gift Book program, or as a stand-alone marketing program to run on demand.


The impact of digital marketing on the automotive parts & accessories market will be at $177 billion in 2023 – and projected to go to 200 billion by 2026 (Hedges & Company).

Automotive repair brands can use social media to reach out to customers in real-time, build customer relationships, and drive purchase decisions. Look for a vendor who will post ads targeted at members of your target demographic in your local area.

Welcome Wagon drives awareness of your brand in your local community by managing social media advertising campaigns on your behalf that are targeted at people who live near your business.

New Mover Email Marketing

Connect your automotive repair brand with new movers in your community through a highly personalized email campaign.

Welcome Wagon’s new mover email program is a turnkey solution that brings information about your business to the inboxes of new movers in your local community.

Every month we will deliver your message to the inboxes of the most recent new movers.

Brand Reputation

Finally, brand reputation can play a significant role in how new movers research automotive repair brands. Brands that are known for their reliability, quality, and customer service are more likely to be chosen over those that have a poor reputation. New movers may also consider how long a brand has been in business and whether they have any industry certifications or awards.

New movers are looking to establish relationships with their local community. Be sure you can be found at this crucial time. By tailoring your marketing efforts to meet the needs of new movers, brands can attract and retain loyal customers.

Partnering with Welcome Wagon is a great way to increase your brand reputation. We have 95+ years of experience getting in front movers. In marketing, you not only want to be the first to make the initial introduction but must also continue to reinforce your brand through repeated interaction.

Welcome Wagon incorporates a strategic multi-touch direct mail campaign that engages the new mover and reinforces awareness and trust in your brand.

Interested in learning how you can market to new movers?  Contact us for more information.

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