Where Hoofbeats Are Our Heartbeats

September 30, 2022by Welcome Wagon0

Banditas Wild Horse Promise Group is a 501c3 organization in Colorado that helps rescue wild mustang horses. This organization came to our attention because one of our employees, Nancy shared that she is a strong supporter so now we are too! We just had to tell you about what they are doing. Nancy said she loves them “because of their dedication, and they are people that care. Most importantly, they care about the horses being free.”

Banditas went to the Sand Wash Basin in CO for months. They photographed the horses. Due to the development of the area, the horses get rounded up and end up being kept in pens that are crowded and it is traumatic for them. Remember, these were animals that were roaming free. Of course, they are terrified in the process.  The people at Banditas (we’ll call them angels) do everything they can to help these horses. The sweetest part, they try to keep the family bonds together, even if they are just pairs (couple and/or friends) and if they can’t keep them as a family unit, then they create new families for the horses to be together.

There have been over 600 wild horses removed from the Sand Wash Basin and surrounding areas and a majority of them are still in holding pens. They made a promise to the horses that they would do their best to help. We want to help spread the word and are asking you too as well. They work towards finding homes for potential horses where they can roam free (people can offer space allowing them to roam on their lands).

They are hosting an auction called Bring More Horses Home from Oct 24th – 31st, over 250 geldings will be offered up.

There are other ways you can help: Banditas can use funds, space for the horses, members to help with the horses and 100% of proceeds go to feed, care, maintenance, and more. They have some cool merch as well. As their motto says: Still Wild – Still Free.

Visit: http://www.banditaswildhorsepromise.com

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