Who is your target audience?

September 30, 2022by Jennifer Troyan0

You can reach a wide range of diverse people by targeting new movers and also reaching out to established residents in your local areas. You can also do this on a regional or national basis.

The Porch 2021 New Mover Trends Report, conducted by Porch’s business V12 with research performed by the Harris Group, delves into the profile of today’s modern movers and their purchase behaviors. “According to U.S. Census data, almost 30 million people moved in 2020, and this trend seems to be continuing, with 2021 marking a year for a massive influx of first-time home buyers.” We have seen this trend continue into 2022.

The report cites that upsizing to a bigger home is the top reason for moving. This group of people needs more items for their homes and will need more services as well. People are growing their families and it is essential they learn about your company first.

What message are you using when you are letting people know about your businesses and how they can use your service?

It is important to know who your target audience is. You can do a postcard mailing to reach a specific group of people. You may want to target items such as home value, household income, age ranges, gender, marital status, children in the home, or even pets. You can target people by purchasing behaviors as well. People respond the best to deals and savings offered by companies who reach out to them first.

You can create trust and loyalty with your brand because consumers want personalized messaging, so consider targeting a specific audience and catering your message to them. The research shows, 90% of movers say they would try a new brand or company for any item and 88% say they would try a new provider for any service.

We can help you with your marketing needs and do hassle-free targeted mailings. We do it all for you and offer a high-quality piece that is priced right for you.

The holidays are coming and perhaps you have some seasonal specials you want to let people know about – this is the perfect time to start the process.

We can do a mailing for you to reach past and present clients. There is great value in reaching out to your existing client base as well. You may have some new products and services they may not know about so get in front of them at this important point in time. Add to your client base and enhance your existing client’s services. NOW is the best time.

Of course, reaching new movers, in general, is always the perfect audience to reach. We have programs to help with that too.

Opportunities abound!

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