By Amy Smith

Spring is here and the flowers are blooming.  For some of us, the long-awaited warm up has been providing us with the opportunity to take a nature walk, fly a kite with our kids, wash our cars, enjoy the butterflies, and go to our local Farmer’s Market. In addition to numerous Spring activities, there are more than a few big May holidays to enjoy.  Early in May, it’s Kentucky Derby time. Mint Juleps anyone?  Mid-month we celebrate Mother’s Day, and at the end of the month is Memorial Day as we honor the veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect and preserve our freedom.

As for many of us, some of these holidays include a day off from work.  However, there is an additional day in May that is celebrated within our communities nationwide.  This is National Small Business Day; celebrated on May 10th.   National Small Business Day celebrates small businesses, honors small business owners, and recognizes all that they do for the community.   This day was officially designated by the Small Business Administration and occurs around the same time of the month every year.   One way to celebrate Small Business Day could be to support some of your small businesses in your community.   They could be a “mom and pop” store, or a particular company with 2,000 employees that may be a bedrock of the town.  Do you need fresh produce, flowers, or a new tee shirt? Do you have a craving for the cappuccino from the amazing new Italian restaurant?  If so, we can all show some love by buying from our local small business community.

If you’re a small business, National Small Business Day is a chance to highlight your company, your story, and your unique offerings.   You can create a buzz online for your business with Social Media posts, reaching out to your current and future customer base with special offers, discounts, giveaways, or a gift with a purchase.   In addition, thanking your customers for their continued support and commitment can be equally as valuable as “buy one, get one free”.  As many small businesses celebrate their continued growth, many find that it’s important to give back to their community.  Offering employment, sponsoring a youth sports team, letting customers know of local causes and nearby school activities, and even including  charities you support on your website can be ways to put dollars right back into your community.

As we continue to recognize small businesses and celebrate the industry of millions of these businesses that make our communities so unique, we also recognize the importance of celebrating our mom’s and honoring our veterans each and every day.

On Saturday, May 6th as “Blazing Sevens” runs down the track at the Kentucky Derby with 46-1 odds, fans remember last year’s Derby winner: “Rich Strike” with 80-1 odds of winning. With continued community support, and a lot of hard work, odds are, small businesses will continue to thrive and grow for years to come.

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