The Importance of Website Design in Increasing Business Sales, for Small Businesses

January 17, 2023by Welcome Wagon0

The Internet is a hotbed of research for people who want to buy anything. Therefore, more than half of a brand’s personality depends on its digital marketing strategies, which make or break the sales game.

The sport becomes even harder for small startups struggling to make their place in the market and trying not to go over the budget simultaneously. Everything from customer service to marketing has to be on-point, or people will trade with competitors.

Talking of marketing, especially digital marketing, we cannot stress the importance of website design enough. Every aspect of your website, from graphics and interface to search engine optimization, has a job of its own.

This section is a detailed account of how an efficient web design entices people. Also, we have commented on whether it is helpful to outsource your web development to a website development company.

Start with Platforms that Offer Free Trials

Several platforms provide free trials and plans for you to experiment with and learn about the process. So, a limited budget should not come in the way of small businesses and their goals. They can map out a framework and then purchase a plan according to their convenience.

Wix, Jimdo, GoDaddy, and Weebly are some great options. They are complete in themselves, as they offer almost everything an effective website requires.

Here, we cannot help but mention Shopify Web Design, which is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in America, second only to Amazon. Its hype comes as no surprise, as its usability, built-in SEO tools, and edge-cutting technology can propel any website.

Popular Websites that Use Shopify Web Design

As a consequence of the worldwide pandemic, where several small e-stores popped up, some brick-and-mortar shops had to shut down. They only had an internet connection to save their bread and butter. One of those brands, Mom & Pop Store, went live on Shopify and made more sales than ever.

Such success stories motivated fellow business teams to foster their sales through Shopify or similar websites.

Some of the most well-known names in the world have also placed their trust in the Shopify website design. The list includes fashion and beauty brands like Skims, Kylie Cosmetics, and Sephora. It also includes notable names from the food industry, like PepsiCo, Lindt, and Red Bull.

Should I Outsource My Website to a Shopify Web Design Company?

Smaller businesses sometimes have difficulty finding the right professionals to build a high-quality website. Partnering with a website development agency can take that burden off your shoulders. A Shopify web developer will have relevant expertise in the field and will be aware of the newest technical breakthroughs.

Besides, outsourcing your website development saves you time and money in the long run. So, instead of wasting time recruiting and managing a team, you can invest your efforts into establishing your business. You can think of introducing new products, offering unique deals, and finding creative ways to sell them.

How Does an Effective Web Design Benefit Sales?

Startup owners need website views, and at the same time, they want their visitors to bring conversion rates and sales along with them. The right content and UX will make the audience feel connected to you, thus increasing the likelihood of your product getting sold.

1. Website’s Credibility Depends on its Design

The customer starts observing your website as soon as they reach it. That is why you should spend the best of your expertise or hire a website design company to do it for you.

Let’s suppose someone clicks to open your website and makes a judgment about its credibility based on the design. If your design is outdated, the visitor might suspect you of being a scammer and will shy away from purchasing your products.

OLIPOP’s way of using Shopify’s web design to promote its products has recently caught our attention. Its product pages are creative and colorful yet uncluttered and appealing. It utilizes several great, up-to-date tactics to sell sodas.

2. Poor User Experience Favors Your Competitors

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Employing human teams to cater to customer queries around the clock sometimes does not suit the budget of small businesses. But the customers have multiple options available at the click of a thumb. So, even the slightest carelessness on your part can go in your competitor’s favor.

Modern technology has made it easier for businesses to support customers online. Chatbots have taken up the job of addressing frequent customer queries through template answers. Hauser is an ultimate example of how effective customer representation through live chat options can elevate the shopping experience for many.

Almost every Shopify website design is compatible with such customer service bots. Now, the human workforce can direct their creative energies into developing other aspects of the website.

3. No One Likes to Engage with Unattractive Websites

At its core, a website is no more than a medium for communicating with your customers. No visitor would stay on a page for long if it is hard to read or the design is unappealing. For startups, it’s a nightmare because they put effort into the content and services.

Hobbe has used a Shopify website design with a minimalistic yet elegant appeal. The fonts it uses are sleek. Overall, the website is sparse and uncluttered, with a contemporary off-white background. The clean layout directs all the user’s attention to their products and informative product descriptions.

Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive aspects of a website is how easily customers can access the information.

4. Everyone Loves Hassle-free Checkouts

Luring people to visit your online store does not guarantee sales. Therefore, you have to make efforts to sustain their attention, which is possible through an efficient website design. Then, once a visitor has demonstrated their interest in buying your products, do not let them slip out of your hands.

A good website design enhances the user experience in many ways, one of which is hassle-free checkouts. By providing a seamless shopping experience, you increase the likelihood of people coming back to you again and again.

Hause is another online furniture store with an easy-to-navigate Shopify website design. The high-quality images and bold fonts make the user want to spend extra time browsing through the products. But they have sustained most users because of their easy and seamless checkout process.

5. Expansion of Brand Reach Beyond Borders

Let’s suppose your store is doing well locally, and your customers love you. An international reach will take your business from small to big and even bigger! A website design with great SEO will expedite sales by taking you beyond borders.

A Shopify website design company with a track record of success can assist you in developing and implementing a design that is consistent with your marketing strategies.

Moreover, organic website ranking will significantly impact your brand’s awareness and people’s trust in your products. People will definitely see you as credible when you pop up on SERPs every time they search for a relevant keyword.

Here’s the Thing

There is no limit to the revenue your online store can generate. Your website will be as good as you make it, and so will the generated capital.

The key is to make your platform user-friendly and seamless for your visitors. For that, make sure your pages align with each other and are consistent with your marketing strategy. Above all, it is necessary for your website to be easy-to-navigate, and the checkout process should be simple.

Meanwhile, do not forget to keep an eye on your competitors, identify the loopholes they have left unaddressed, and thrive on them.


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