The Seasons of Business

September 1, 2022by Welcome Wagon0

On Thursday, September 22nd we will experience the first day of Fall. More specifically, the autumnal equinox, usually occurring on September 22 or 23, means fall is officially here. Every year, many people can’t wait for the transformation from Summer to Fall. By the time Labor Day is over and school begins, it’s the anticipation for Fall to finally arrive.

Just like the weather seasons we experience, many of our businesses go through a certain business cycle.  This cycle can play a huge part in how we make decisions for our marketing strategy and resources.  “Seasons of Business” can help business owners determine what aspect of their business they are currently in, and strategies on moving forward.

Let’s look at an example of what the four seasons of business might look like:

Spring: Spring has been known as the season of birth.  We are planting seeds for new growth.  This season of “birth” is when a business can develop new marketing strategies, create excitement for a new brand, or hire new and innovative team members to help the seeds grow.  This is the season of new and exciting ideas, creating energy, excitement, and anticipation around the office.

Summer: As Summer comes around, businesses may find that their seeds have started to blossom.  Looking closely at a business plan, some “weeds” may need to be pulled while other “plants” continue to flourish. Nourishing projects, promoting your new brand, and forming new connections in a community can all be part of this season of your business.

Fall: As the Fall season is currently upon us, this is when a business may become more mature.  Consistently tending to the garden may result in increased sales and brand awareness.  The new marketing strategy designed in the Spring is continuing to flourish as businesses can continue to focus on their target audience, value proposition, brand messaging, and advertising opportunities.

Winter: This season may be a business time to reflect.  Is your business strategy working or not? What do you need to change or let go?  Where have you had the most success? As most of all, where do you want to take your business when Spring arrives?

As Fall is upon us, the leaves are changing color, our kids are back in school, and the holidays are fast approaching.  In business, no matter what season it is, each one of them gives us something we can use to our advantage to better our business. So, enjoy your hot cocoa by the fire, reflecting on both your personal and business accomplishments!

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