Now available! Greet new movers in your area with our newly launched Renters Gift Book.

January 30, 2023by Welcome Wagon1

The new mover renters audience is a booming and untapped market! Our research indicates that it is not easy to find a marketing program for new renters and Welcome Wagon has 95+ years of experience getting in front of new movers.

Renters need to know what is in their new community, where to go, who to do business with, what new dental and medical professional to use, where to eat, what entertainment is in their new town, and on.  And if you can reach them first, chances are they will keep coming back and become your new long-term customers.

Start reaching them today with our newly launched Renter’s Gift Book:

  • Features an attractive 8.5” x 5.5” book, personalized for each household
  • Includes a custom, full page ad with your logo and compelling offer to use your business
  • Get Company Exclusivity in your business category so you aren’t competing with other businesses
  • Has an extended shelf life, intentionally designed for long-term use
  • Includes a monthly new mover mailing list so you can follow-up (optional)

Would you like to meet them? We can help you reach new renters and turn them into new customers for your business. Contact us to learn more by clicking on the Let’s Talk button.











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We recently updated our website. Check out what we’ve done! We have added more content about new mover marketing and there are some great blogs that share business tips that you may find useful as well.


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  • irene hoogervorst

    February 16, 2023 at 6:02 pm

    how do i as a NEW TENANT receive a WELCOMING BASKET…i remember getting one eons ago when i bought my house…was awesome….im will turning 65 in 5 more days and in process of applying for apts….is this just for buyers…or any info would be greatly appreciated…i moved from albert with just my clothes etc so starting fresh with little finances as waiting on pension to start……..thank you for any help…tips etc and how to apply if qualify

    Thank you
    Irene Hoogervorst


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